New transportation investments are needed throughout San Luis Obispo County.


State and federal transportation funding has dropped severely in recent years, with once dependable funds becoming increasingly unreliable. Therefore, revenues available to operate, maintain and improve our local transportation system have not kept up with the needs of our community. Over the next decade, SLO County’s population will continue to grow and our senior population will almost triple. This means that without a solution, we will experience more demand on our streets, highways and transit. We will lose job opportunities, experience increased traffic on degraded streets and highways, suffer service cuts on buses and see more costly transportation services for youth, seniors and people with disabilities.

A new, reliable source of transportation funding is needed for our communities and quality of life. 

Proposed Transportation Investments



In November 2016, voters will be asked to approve a ½ percent sales tax to address these needs. Twenty other counties in California have already approved similar ballot measures making them 'Self-Help' Counties. With these types of local transportation funds, Self-Help Counties are able to do more themselves and are more successful in competing for funding, leveraging a larger share of state and federal dollars.

Self-Help in SLO County:

  • Generates $25 million new dollars per year to fix our roads and improve transportation

  • Half of revenues generated are paid for by non-residents of our county

  • Can only be used for local projects and transportation priorities

  • Prohibits Sacramento from taking possession of these locally generated funds (Prop 22, 2010)

  • Allows SLO County to better compete for State and Federal grants and leverage funds

  • Delivers a Transportation Investment Plan with a list of projects and programs

  • Includes an Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee to ensure projects and programs in the Plan are actually funded and/or completed


Strict accountability and performance measures ensure delivery. The 9-year Plan will include strict accountability measures to ensure the funds are spent as directed by voters. It requires open and transparent public processes to allocate funds, including:

  • Annual independent audits and compliance reports
  • Independent Taxpayer Citizen Oversight Committee
  • No amendments to the voter-approved Investment Plan
  • Developers continue to pay fair share
  • Administrative costs maximum of 1%
  • Sunset date